What Is Your Budget For A Vehicle:

    **Please note that these our
    price ranges of the value of
    the vehicle not payments.
    Payments may vary depending
    on income credit as this may
    determine your monthly APR.
    To get an accurate assessment
    of your future payments please
    speak to our representative**

    What’s the difference in buying a used car as opposed to a new car? Well not a lot, as it really depends on how well the previous owner has kept up with the vehicle and the condition of the miles the engine has been under. However, everyone likes a new car smell, and with this being the case, going with a new car can give you the great fragrance as soon as you climb inside, oh yeah, the gas pedal usually goes a lot faster for some reason.

    Various customer has always given us their opinion on how a used car will save money over the long run and then we hear stories on how a new car would save you money and headaches. With this being the case new cars and used cars both have their benefits. The used cars obvious saves you money upfront yet in the long run with car repair itching at your soul you end up having to have to pay for something breaking as usually the modern cars have a lot less longevity as previous classic cars.

    So, for the most case, the used car may save you some money put unlike the new car you will typically have a warranty that will help pay for unexpected costs with the vehicle as sometimes things can go unexpected with car repairs. So, we like to say put to the side an extra 200 to 400 dollars just in-case something goes bad and as always please change your car every 3000 miles as the engine and transmission is typically the most important part and of course the most expensive to repair.

    So, try not to spend or think to much about this car purchase as in most cases this will only be a temporary buy and nothing that will stick to you like a marriage of course, but then again those usually average out to 1 year anyways LOL. Wanting to hit the dealerships as soon as possible can get you to a great vehicle before someone else get their hands on so we do know the excitement of the car market yet, we always say its also important to try to get your credit checked before you go out and search for a car or try to get a 2nd chance auto loan from a trusted auto loan company. So, what we have decided to do is give you a chance to do either by supplying a link you can click on in order to check your credit score for free or you can apply for a car loan from my auto loan company. Other Articles


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