Should You Submit To Several In-House Lenders?

Should You Submit To Several In-House Lenders?

When you are in the need to purchase a vehicle you may check with some used dealerships that offers in-house lending programs. Because banks can often have tough lending qualification you may have a better opportunity to finance the car of your dreams using their easy to use finance options.

Make sure you pay close attention to the interest rate of these payments as there may be hidden charges or fees that you may not clearly see. You may also ask to get a print out detail form that explain every costs that goes into the transaction.

Some of the car may come with a pre-payment penalty and others may want you to pay off the loan as soon as possible check with the manager to make sure you are getting what you asked for.

You may complete the broker application below so that way we can run your qualification through several dealerships and see if they can offer you a in-house loan program prior to visiting their used car lots:

Your Name (required)

Address (required)

City (required)

Your Zip Code (required)

Your Date of Birth (required)

Social Security Number (required)

Your Phone (required)

Your Employer Name (required)

Your Length Time on job (required)

Your Monthly Pay (required)

Your Drivers License Number (required)

Your Enter initials Here (required)

Your Email (required)

This form will go to several used buy here pay here dealerships that will check to see if you qualify. If you qualify for a car loan they may contact you with additional requirements such as:

1. Pay Stubs (1 month)

2. Bank Statements (2 months)

3. References (Including family members)

4. Utility Bill

5. Lease agreement or Mortgage note.

*Please try to gather these items ahead of time so you can better help get your loan processed and get you driving home in your newly purchase vehicle. Good Luck!

Once approved you will receive a payment coupon booklet to use when making monthly or weekly payments. See example here:


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