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    For the most part some dealers have been providing useful information on how to get financed for a vehicle, even though they cannot approve everyone that comes on the lot. Some customers may have credit but no money coming in every month. Then you have people that have bad credit and also no money down. Typically if your credit is bad you are going to need at least $500 down and possibly a few references in case they assume you are going to run off with the vehicle and never come back again.

    Some of the vehicles come with tracking system in case you miss payments or fail to return a car in case of default. These tracking devices are normally the new norm due to high technology and most cars new or used has some sort of device in today’s world. Let’s face, we live in a different time and some auto dealers and auto brokers need to cover their assets at all times.

    Vehicles can be very expensive but one must wonder if you really should be paying on a car that has the potential to lose value over time. When selecting a new or used vehicle we always like to recommend you to have the knowledge to purchase the right car. When deciding on a vehicle you can look at several different factors including the miles, the gas, and what type of engine the vehicle is. The brand is important but we highly suggest Chevy, Ford or Toyota.

    For all you can tell that the better the car the more it can cost so you must try to find the best deal out there for what you can afford. Some go out and want the most stylish their money can buy and some only want the basic car that can get from A to B without any problems. If this is a top concern then you have arrived at the right website that can insure you the vehicle protection by getting a warranty.

    A power train warranty on a used car typically will cover the engine and transmission. These two parts are the most expensive and can cost anywhere from $500 to $5000 depending on the make and year. This is why getting a warranty on your buy here pay here vehicle is important even if you have to pay a monthly warranty payment that can be added to the car in most cases.

    After you have taken the time out and visited many different car lots be sure to make sure you discuss the finance options before test driving a certain car that way you do not fall vulnerable to the wrong payment. The wrong payment can be a very high interest rate or a very low rate. The main thing standing between you and a low rate is the power to choose other options. When you have more than one option in terms of financing a car it allow you the chance to negotiate and get exactly what you need versus having to just settle for whatever is thrown at you.

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    As one of the best auto loan brokers in the industry we at know how important it is to make sure the customers are able to find a dealership that can give them the right financing. The better your income and credit the more willing you are in getting the best rate. Some rates are high and some can be very high.

    What we do is make sure that the negotiation process is painless and easy. The more offers that you get from your auto loan broker the better!Some auto loan brokers are in fact able to secure you with a payment by having those terms locked in. When you have terms locked in you can simply find the vehicle that meets your needs. The next thing you will need is a down payment. Some car lots in this section will ask for you to come up with $500-$1500 down on a typical vehicle. However if you decide to want to purchase a car over $20,000 you may be stuck with needing a little bit more if your credit is not up to par.

    Also make sure you have the income monthly so that way your debt to income ratio is not in a situation that puts a strain on your monthly obligation. Your debt to income ratio including the car payment should be under 50%.  Allow us to shop your loan and help you find the best bank or finance company to best fit your car lending needs.

    If you may want to get started on this process feel free to call any on here that can help answer questions so that way we can steer you in the right direction.