Get Loan Approval Before Shopping for A Used Car (Bad Credit or Bankruptcy OK!)



Yes, when looking for a vehicle we try to at least point you in the right direction to help insure you can find the vehicle that fits you. Yes we understand that you are looking for a buy here pay here vehicle and at this moment trying to purchase a new car isn’t in your best interest due to credit challenges, however with this website we will help make sure you won’t purchase a bad used car yet a great vehicle with low miles and a good engine.
Trying to get your a car loan, home loan or even a credit card can be quite challenging if your credit situation isn’t up to par. Asking if you should fix your credit really depends if you care about your credit more than you care about a car. Now for most people getting a car is a necessity and because of this putting your priorities in the right position may cause some pretty painful realities.
For example, the whole idea behind the I need a car loan plays into the fact that if your income was good enough than your credit would maybe be so good that you wouldn’t exactly need a car loan to begin with. I mean for most the biggest word in that sentence was the word need. And we did not forget the fact that yes, you more than likely need a car. The people that need versus want a car loan is more than likely in a financial situation that they don’t want to be in. And to be frank, most banks don’t want your financial situation neither.
So Let’s try to put together a alternative approach to meeting your needs that is by far the least most painful.
We can begin with finding the cheapest most reliable form of transportation possible. This can be in a form of a bus, bicycle or even a motorcycle. The most basic way from getting from A to Z in the most financially least painful way. If that doesn’t tickle your interest you may want to consider a car auction.
Car auction is a great way to find a vehicle for super cheap but not super reliable, after all you are simply bidding on a vehicle that you have no idea if it can get you from A to Z or not. Why, because at car auctions you are not allowed to test drive the vehicle. Yes,Risky!
However, the auction does try to give the most fairest assessment of the car and they also allow you to startup the vehicle to hear the engine. They cant auction off cars that do not run or start.
While this may put you at a little bit of ease their is still some lingering key aspects that needs to be immediately addressed. And this is your credit. Now, as mentioned earlier, bad credit or non-establish credit doesn’t just go away, and by the way, you are stuck with it for your entire life so you might as well try to get it as clean and as healthy as possible.
So yes we would say no matter what form of transportation you decide on you need to make the most important decision of all and that is to start repairing your credit today, and do not wait one more day. CHEERS!